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Follow new adventures from one of Buried Heroes' most popular characters!

Becoming the Chosen of Cassandra means stepping into the reflection of the goddess of fate—being one who wields the magic of stories. 



The Chosen of Cassandra, the goddess of fate, have often been gifted with prophetic visions, tellings of what is, was, and could yet be. Each Chosen must chart her own course through these tales, slowly coming to understand the narrative behind her Sight, what is for her to interpret and what is merely for her to See.

The goddess of fate keeps her own counsel. She alone can tell why some, by their innate nature, change the weave of fate, while others simply follow the course of their own thread.

But those of us who chart signs such as these have found a single strand running through the disparate patterns of the fate-weave—above all others, Cassandra chooses storytellers. It is they she favors with the ability to See. And among the saudad, people of story and legend, when one of their own takes the threads of fate into her hands, there is no telling what new narrative she may weave.

Inside these pages, those who seek Sight will find story, and those who seek story, Sight. This is the way it ever has been and ever will be.

Persephonie Arelle is not yet a Chosen of Cassandra, and the story of her becoming so may not ever come to be. However, I think you will agree with me in this—her story is much more than that of one who can See.


This novella begins at the end of Buried Heroes, Age of Azuria book one, and parallels the action of book two. However, readers will find it most enjoyable to finish reading Hadvarian Heist first before embarking on the journey tucked between these pages. Find more help with the reading order for the Age of Azuria epic fantasy series here!


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