Amber Queen

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Power in all its forms will find its way to you, Soul Shepherd. You must be ready when it does.

Danger blossoms beneath Iellieth Amastacia’s every step as she searches for the sixth seal piece. With Marcon and Quindythias by her side, the druid sets sail across the Infinite Ocean. Ancient evils lurk beneath the crashing waves, but other forces prove just as treacherous, threatening to drag the druid underwater. Submerged beneath the weight of her choices and the revelation of her soul’s true nature, can Iellieth weather the swelling storm? 

Eager for vengeance, Briseras Ravisthina hunts the vampire Nassarq across a shadow-cloaked realm. Some enemies are familiar—spirits churn in the whorls of mist around her feet, foolhardy challengers thrust themselves into her path—but surprises lurk in the gathering fog. Allies shoulder their way to stand at Briseras’s side, and the ruling vampire lord seeks her audience. Where blood runs as water under the earth, the huntress prepares to claim her destiny.  

Fate swirls around Persephonie Arelle like curling smoke, beckoning her and Rennear to escape the city and travel north to the sanctuary of the snowy peaks. But the storied mountain range offers tales more varied, a fortune more complex, than the simple refuge the saudad and her companions seek. Harpies haunt the highlands, and werewolf agents of Andel-ce Hevra roam free. More unpredictable still are those whom fate has bid her to find.  

The life of the pirate queen Syleste’s trusted informant, Darcy, hangs in the balance as Teodric Adhemar guides his crew across the Infinite Ocean to an ancient island forest. Once there, Genevieve Vendanges can perform the ritual that will save Darcy, the one responsible for the assault against her conclave. However, her ancestors’ magic, preserved in the roots of the towering trees, has intentions all its own. Conflicting desires war within Genevieve’s heart. And on the island, they are not alone. 

In book three of the Age of Azuria epic fantasy series, Iellieth, Briseras, Persephonie, Genevieve, and Teodric confront the true cost of their journeys. But the question remains: Are they prepared to pay? Find out in this action-packed sequel to Buried Heroes and Hadvarian Heist

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