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The prequel novella for Age of Azuria

The story of how it all began...



Dorric Themear has experienced the giddy flutterings of new love before. But not like this. Behind the sapphire eyes of Lady Emelyee Amastacia lies a long-awaited destiny that neither of them can sense or stop.

However, forces darker than Emelyee’s husband are prepared to stand in their way.

Ridel, one of Lucien’s most trusted servants, is less than enthused about her assignment to watch the lovers. If only her master had been visionary enough to see that a child cannot result if the parents are dead. She’ll do her best to comply with his orders to watch and to wait—at least for now.

High in the Frostmaw Mountains, Yvayne has seen the signs of a turning of the age before. Perhaps this time, with the proper intervention, she and the druids can make a play for Azuria after all.


Would you like to read more first? Preview Aurora, the prequel novella, here!

Praise for Aurora

"This was a delightful start to this wonderful series! I haven't been able to put the books down since reading the first one." - Amazon reviewer

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