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A new, standalone novella in the ancient world of Eldura!

A dragon and an heir to the throne meet within a dark cave...



Long ago, a golden dragon made her last stand against legions of Sanctuary’s soldiers before her body yielded to their might. In the moments before her passing, she bound the rulers’ destinies to that of the dragons and breathed out a curse—every last heir of the ruling Orbaskier line would suffer from ill-fortune.

The Orbaskiers have struggled ever since, their numbers dwindling as they strive to keep their promise to slay every dragon that sets scale or claw upon their land.

There are but two left with the will and lineage to rule: Tavian, who sits upon the throne, and a rival, Desdemona Orbaskier, the would-be warrior queen, who makes the wilds of Sanctuary her home.

The curse of ill-fate mars Desdemona’s every choice—it clings to her as it did her ancestors.

But cursed or no, the throne belongs to Desdemona. All she must do to seize what is hers is slay the last dragon of Sanctuary. Such a victory would propel her into her proper place as the greatest queen the land has ever known. Yet when she enters the dragon’s lair, she finds someone whose destiny will forever alter her own.

Stormborn is a standalone novella set in the high fantasy world of Eldura by Beth Ball. 

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