Song of Parting

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A second prequel novella for Age of Azuria

Among the many truths they hold close to heart, story-weavers know: Across all eras, Love and Loss rest on either side of the turning wheel of fate. 



Azurian legends tell such a story, of love found and lost in the early days of the worlds. Katarina Starsend, a story-hunter and scholar, dedicates her life to tracking down these tales and finding their new iterations in the world. She’s in luck. A legendary fae has been reborn—and her incarnation is only a day’s ride away.

Within the walls of Io Keep, a storm gathers as the callous Duke Amastacia sets his plans in motion. Soon enough, he’ll be rid of his stepdaughter, Iellieth Amastacia. Seeing what lies ahead, Teodric Adhemar faces a choice—does he warn Iellieth or allow her to hold tight her illusion of freedom?

And can Iellieth out-plot the duke?

Find out in this prequel novella perfect for current fans and new readers of the Age of Azuria epic fantasy series!


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