Witches, Fae, and Foes: Six One-Shot Duet 5e Adventures (digital edition)

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A Collection of Six One-Shot Adventures set across the world of Azuria

Adventures range from level one through level 8

Pick your way through a miry swamp and search a dank dusty cave in this bundle of six one-shot adventures!

We've collected our six one-shot adventures into this easy-to-use set for all of your one-on-one GMing needs! The adventures range across a variety of environments and can be used in the world of Azuria, a published campaign setting, or the homebrew world at your table!

This collection is perfect to have on hand for adding to the Land of Vampires campaign, exploring the world of Azuria, or adding to the adventures of your duet table!

Adventures Included:

  • The Hardly Haunted library (levels 1-2, with scaling through level 8)
  • A Spring Court Quest (levels 3-5)
  • Frozen Depths (levels 4-5)
  • The Swamplands Witch (levels 5-7)
  • Map of Fortunes (levels 5-6)
  • Prison of the Lighteater (levels 6-8)

Each adventure includes unique creatures and magic items, and you'll encounter several exciting NPCs along the way!

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  • a 12-page map supplement with printables and adventure ephemera for an extra sense of immersion

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Six Adventures in Azuria preview

Important note:

These are the same six adventures that we sell individually on the site, bundled together.

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