UPDATED! Adventuring Companion Classes and Characters—a supplement for duet 5e

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Four Adventuring Companion Classes

11 Subclasses, 6 Adventuring Companion Characters, and Supplemental Rules

Why travel alone when you could have a powerful weaponsmith or an entrancing Way of Words witch at your side?

This supplement for duet 5e gaming seeks to answer precisely that rhetorical question with FOUR classes—the witch, crafter, hunter, and traveler—designed specifically for one-on-one play. You’ll also find unique adventuring companion characters with backstories, optional mechanics like adventuring companion feats, character backgrounds, and optional rules for animal companions.

Part One of this supplement introduces the four adventuring companion-specific classes. We’ve designed these classes to provide a flexible adventuring companion for the PC who will help them on their journey without overshadowing them or adding complicated mechanics for the player. The crafter class has two subclasses, called Practices: the apothecary and the weaponsmith. The witch class has five subclasses, each designated as a Way. The traveler and hunter classes each have two subclasses as well!

Part Two introduces six adventuring companions, each of whom has a unique backstory and adventuring goal as well as a level one stat block. You’ll also find two character backgrounds to incorporate into your duet game. Finally, in Part Three, we cover companion feats and optional rules for animal companions.

The world-specific details in this supplement emerged from our Land of Vampires campaign and are set in the world of Azuria. However, the world details and character mechanics should translate well to whichever world you prefer to adventure in!

What's included:

  • Crafter adventuring companion class 
    • Apothecary subclass
    • Weaponsmith subclass
  • Witch adventuring companion class 
    • Way of Words subclass
    • Way of Blood subclass
    • Way of Roots subclass
    • Way of Night subclass
    • Way of Shadows subclass
  • Hunter adventuring companion class (with melee and ranged builds)
    • Guardian subclass
    • Vampire Hunter subclass
  • Traveler adventuring companion class
    • Storyteller subclass
    • Fate-Weaver subclass
  • Six adventuring companions 
    • Two character backgrounds (these backgrounds also appear in Land of Vampires Part One)
  • Three adventuring companion feats
  • Supplemental rules for animal companions 
      • Leveling table and ability improvements for animal companions

Page count: 36

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