Frozen Depths—a duet 5e adventure

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A Duet Adventure for PCs of levels 4-5

Plunge into a frigid mine

to rescue an eager summoner in over her head.  

Having a famous explorer for an aunt makes for a long shadow to grow up beneath, especially if you're the youngest dwarf of five siblings, desperate for a way to prove yourself. 

However, a few days ago, Glabrobelle, a young dwarven conjurer, and her penguin "familiar" uncovered a unique opportunity to test her newfound powers.

Her worried aunt, the ranger Rangwynn Frostbraid, seeks out the party and requests their aid in recovering her niece. The curious girl has disappeared into a partially underwater mine! Can they brave the icy waters and fish her out?

What's included with the adventure PDF:

This one-shot adventure includes two new NPCs, a unique creature, and a new magic item. You'll also find a detailed map of the partially underwater mine.

If you're looking for exploration and combat in an icy environment, this adventure is for you! 

Page count: 10 (including a reference and full-page map) 

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