Friends in Need – A Trio of Duet Mini-Adventures

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Three Duet Mini-Adventures

Looking for some shorter adventures to add pizzaz to your travels or a quick boost to a session? Look no further!

In this trio of mini-adventures, you'll find a reclusive hermit hiding out from imperialist soldiers, a shipwreck about to be washed out to shore, and a sizable reward for the return of a missing team of horses!

You can run the three mini-adventures as an arc together as your party travels or you can use them individually! 

Because the mini-adventures run more like narrative encounters, their scale is quite flexible, though we suggest somewhere between levels 4 and 8. The adventures take place in the world of Azuria, but you can transplant them wherever you wish!

Help Astorie-Zadd recover her missing apprentice, rescue the valuable cargo of the sinking Victoria, and fend off horse-hungry predators, all in one supplement! 


This combined supplement of three mini-adventures includes three NPCs, several unique magical items, and quest hooks for both before and after the adventures. You’ll also find two hand-drawn maps (both GM’s reference in the adventure and a full page for printing) and a fun handout to increase the immersion for your player.

If you enjoy narrative-based encounters that may or may not involve combat, Friends in Need is the supplement for you! 

Page count: 26 (including GM’s reference full-page maps and handout)

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