A Spring Court Quest—a duet 5e adventure

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A Duet Adventure for PCs of levels 3-5

Travel to the enchanting forests and colorful fields of the Fae Brightlands

and join a search for the mystical miniature fae unicorn—a pseudocorn! 

An intrepid showman, Gavin Desantis, approaches the party with a request that he’s willing to make well worth their while—for 3000gp, would they be willing to do him the small favor of traveling to the Fae Brightlands? 

Gavin specializes in exotic animals and their acquisition for display in his menagerie. He simply must, for this year’s tour, acquire the rare yet adorable pseudocorn.

If the party agrees, Gavin and his homunculus business partner Squig explain how the party can locate a portal to the Brightlands and make their way to the court of Queen Amaryllis. 

But what he doesn’t say is that it will take more than their arrival and search to uncover the pseudocorn—they’ll need to find gifts and attend the queen’s elaborate Hatching Day festival in order for her to bestow the creature upon them. But be cautious—the fae have rules, whims, and wiles of their own. 

What's included with the adventure PDF:

This one-shot adventure includes four new creatures (plus variants!), one new magic item, and new fae plants, as well as a GM's and player's map of the Wandering Meadows in the Spring Fae Court.

There are two sets of fun randomizing tables to add variety and intrigue to your adventure, and you and your party will meet lots of interesting fae and friends along the way!

Page count: 17 (including a reference set and full-page set of the maps)


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